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Does IPL hair removal really work?

Does IPL hair removal really work?

What is IPL? IPL stands for intense pulsed light, and it is a form of light therapy, used for various dermatological procedures including hair removal. Intense pulsed light, also known as IPL, is the use of high intensity light rays in short intervals of time. The rays of light are often administered in pulses, or wave like patterns, which is how the treatment earned its name. Most any candidate can receive Intense Pulsed Light treatment, and the technology has proved highly effective for those individuals with thick, dark hair or heavy discoloration on their skin. The treatment can be administered on almost any part of the body, however it is best to avoid the extremely sensitive areas of your skin, such as directly around the eyes, lips, nose and ears.

How does it work?

The intense pulsed light rays are delivered through a hand held device, or a stationary robotic arm that is controlled by a computer. The wand or arm is positioned over the area receiving the treatment and the light rays are administered in brief, repetitive spurts. The intensity of the light allows it to penetrate deep into your skin, reaching the root of your hair follicle. The root, or bulb, of each individual hair is the most effective area to target for long lasting hair removal, and is also where the majority of melanin, or skin pigmentation is concentrated. The light is then transformed into heat by the cells in your skin and essentially vaporizes unwanted hair and melanin buildup. By targeting this specific area, unwanted pigmentation and skin discolorations can be reversed and at the same time the hair is removed from the follicle, leaving behind smooth, even toned skin.



Unlike topical hair removal treatments, which only temporarily remove hair until it grows back, intense pulsed light therapy actually reduces the number of hairs that will grow back. Studies have shown that up to 85% – 90% of hair can be permanently removed after a few rounds of treatment. Oftentimes more than one round of treatment is required, but patients have seen the desired effects in as little as 2 treatments. Most patients elect to receive anywhere between 2 and 8 treatments. These treatments can be given 4 to 6 weeks apart, allowing time for the remaining hair to begin growing back.

Intense pulsed light therapy is great for those individuals with a hectic schedule. The actual treatment itself takes anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes and the recovery time needed is almost none, with very little visible side effects present after the treatment. The skin will be a little tender after each treatment so it is best to provide additional protection by applying a heavy moisturizer and sunblock immediately after

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