Friday, July 24, 2015

5 Common Adult Skin Problems

5 Common Adult Skin Problems




If you can relate and have also recently noticed changes in your skin, know that you are not alone. Our dermatologist has reassured that it’s not uncommon for adults to have skin problems. Thankfully there are several common afflictions that we can begin treating now…

1. Acne

Perhaps the most frustrating, this skin issue is most commonly associated with hormonal teenagers, but more than half of all adults who have had acne will continue to experience it into adulthood. Dermatologist can help to keep your skin clear.

2. Eczema

 A skin issue that most of us consider to be a childhood problem, eczema can present in adulthood. Thankfully, there are treatments like lotions, facial moisturizers,  that can help ensure this issue is only a minor and occasional annoyance. Aside from topical solutions, cold compresses and soft, comfortable clothing can also help to soothe dry, itchy skin.


3. Hyperpigmentation and Sunspots


 This one cropped up for me during my pregnancy, but it turns out that resulting damage from too much sun bathing or acne scarring as a teenager can first become visible in the adult years. If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, it’s important to uncover the relying cause and discuss your condition with a dermatologist before seeking treatment.

4. Wrinkles

Initially cropping up around the eyes, there’s nothing that says, “Welcome to adulthood!” like finding your first wrinkle. Whether you opt to embrace the aging process or you choose to fight it with fillers and anti aging treatments, there are products and procedures at all price points, appropriate for any approach.
To smooth out the deepest of wrinkles, try Britannia AGE RESET. With Boswellia, grape seed oil, and soy peptides, it not only makes you look younger, its invigorating scent will make you feel younger too!

5. Rosacea

    Redness on the nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead could just be a natural flush, but it’s important to know that rosacea is also a common culprit. This one does not normally appear before age 30 and requires treatment along with simple lifestyle changes to keep symptoms to a minimum.

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