Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Britannia Enclave and some students from De La Salle University promote environmental awareness by tree planting.


        ANGELES CITY, Philippines - Some psychology students from De La Salle University (DLSU) in cooperation with Britannia Enclave  (Britannia Medical Center) staff gathered to advocate environmental awareness through tree planting last Saturday, July 26.

Led by psychology student and a daughter of the President of Britannia Enclave, Briana Boyer said that the activity was made possible because of their course subject, Biology, that requires an activity wherein they either plant trees, clean a barangay or anything that is community and environmental related.

With Britannia Enclave, the place was made suitable. "We were thinking of some places to plant the trees but we couldn't find a place to, so I suggested that we plant them here in Pampanga because there's a lot more space to plant trees unlike Manila, you'd have to get permission first to plant in different places," Briana added.

Coming from a reputable school, Briana said that influencing other people in saving or protecting the environment may be a big effect  and might also be encouraged to do the same. "Maybe if they are exposed to the environment they'd see that the world really needs a lot more trees since other people are cutting down so many and they would know that we need to and they might participate in this kind of activity," she uttered.

She also said that the most basic thing to do to protect our environment is to not litter, it is one of the biggest problems that we face in this world. It doesn't take a lot of effort to help in minimizing waste because we think that these things that we do (like forgetting to pick up a small trash) doesn't affect the world but it does because there's a lot more than just one person who does it.

"I realized that this activity does a lot of good and makes us feel better knowing that we did something (even if it's the smallest thing to plant a tree) that could possibly save the Earth," concluded Briana.

The planted trees beside Britannia Enclave were Santol tree, Narra tree, etc.

 Out with the old. A staff from Britannia and a psych student planted a Santol tree in exchange to the old, rooted up tree.