Tuesday, November 22, 2016

10 ways to overcome fear of the dentist

10 ways to overcome fear of the dentist

  1.  You’re not alone!
Did you know one in four people have a fear of the dentist? Often, our fears are much scarier than the reality. We want to fix your pain, not cause it, which is why we invest in the best technology for a more pleasant patient experience. You can rest assured that you’ll feel much better after you leave than before you came in.
  1. Improving your smile, not ruining it
Unlike the gung-ho dentists of the past, we specialise in minimally invasive dentistry to ensure we don’t do more work than is necessary so you shouldn’t suffer from persistent problems.
  1. Talk it through with us
We’re a friendly and always want to meet new faces. Ask our receptionist if you can make a special 5-minute appointment to see the surgery. Letting us know you have dental anxieties means we can make your visit as comfortable as possible and even talk through anaesthesia options with you.
  1. First times aren’t so bad
Unless you’re in a lot of pain and need emergency treatment, your first visit will simply be a check-up of your teeth, gums and jaws. If you do need a little work, we’ll discuss it with you, answer all your questions and invite you back another day.
  1. Come for a clean
If you want to acclimatise to the sights and sounds of the surgery, why not book a clean with one of our friendly hygienists first?
  1. Stress relief
Whether breathing techniques, meditation or listening to soothing music help you relax, taking a few minutes to do this before your appointment can help balance your mind and settle your nerves.
  1. Go early
Book an early morning appointment so you have less time to get worked up during the day.
  1. Agree on a code
If you’re concerned about pain, devise a signal with your dentist so they know when to stop. Then they can give you a break if you need one and address any worries.
  1. Invite a friend
Does your fear make you feel alone or trapped? Bringing a friend or family member can give you the emotional support you need.
  1. Get support
When your fear of the dentist interferes with your life or stems from a generalised anxiety or medical disorder, speak to your GP. They can signpost you to counselling or other support services to help you tackle those stresses.
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