Friday, September 12, 2014


You know what they are—those blasted streaks 
of white that make it so inconvenient to wear sleeveless tops or shorts. So instead of picking out a wardrobe that best hides stretch marks, why don’t you just make your skin healthy enough to avoid these cursed things? Here’s what you do.

1. Drink water; all day, every day.

Jackie, 36, gave birth three months ago to a 10-pound baby. And here’s the more amazing part: there isn’t a single stretch mark anywhere on her body. Keep your skin elastic. You can do that by drinking lots of water.

2. Wear the right bra

We now know that stretch marks appear when skin is pulled beyond its elasticity. Unsupported sagging breasts that were heavy in a bra to begin with have a higher risk of developing stretch marks than breasts that are supported by a bra in the right size.

3. Keep a healthy, consistent weight.

No one can discredit the merits of eating healthy. You certainly can’t do much about keeping your tummy small and light during a pregnancy.  But you can control your weight gain in any other occasion by eating the right food in the right amounts. 


4. See a pro. 

If all else fails, and you sincerely hate stretch marks, 

get professional services done. 

TRY OUR Fractional CO2 Laser Skin 
resurfacing, micro-needling therapy and chemical peels!!!
 Though you’ll need to go to several sessions to achieve the effect you want.

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