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Do you suffer from any of the following?

Do you suffer from any of the following?

Area TMJ (temporomandibular joint) and chewing muscles in frequency are the third cause of pain in the mouth and face.

Very often replaced with tooth pain because pain is transmitted to individual teeth so that’s how occur errors in dental treatment. Unfortunately, there are very few dental healthcare provider or general medicine offices that are trained in therapy of the so-called temporomandibular dysfunction. 

The area of ​​temporomandibular dysfunction border area of ​​dentistry, orthodontics, ortorinolaringology, physical therapy, orthopedics and surgery, and is often considered as irremediable condition.

Modern approach to diseases of TMJ and chewing muscles includes proper diagnostic procedures, functional analysis and determining the exact mechanism and causes of the painful conditions. Very often the disorder in the bite is the main cause of pain in the face, neck, ears, head and disorders in the wrist, clicking, clicks and sounds like crushing.

During the first medical examination and subsequent control monitoring, are checked signs that may indicate the occurrence of temporomandibular joint disorders and chewing muscles. 

Good clinician knowledge of the problems of TMJ enables effective identification of causes that can be removed. Even severe disorders of joint function, creaking and grinding of teeth, damaged teeth and muscle structure can be reduced in greatest extent or completely removed with a proper therapeutic procedures . Usually is about long-term pain conditions that impair quality of life and patients are aware of them but are usually given wrong information that it is not possible to cure or that are natural states.

How to identify disorders of joints, muscles and masticatory system
Here are a number of symptoms that indicate temporomandibular dysfunctions:

-any joint sounds such crunch, cracking, grinding, clicking
-pain in the face
-pain in the teeth that can not be determined that the cause is individual tooth
-tensions in the facial muscles
-pain on pressure in some places under and in the front of the ear
-retreat gums in some teeth, usually on the canine and premolars
-excessive tooth wear
-teeth creaking during sleep, so-called bruxism
– asymmetry of the mandible (lower jaw)
-not proper closure of the lower jaw with the skipping during closing the mouth

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